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•RESERVATIONS -The rental time includes set-up and clean-up unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Honors College. Reservations must be made at least 120 hours prior to your event. The Honors College cannot guarantee accommodations for last minute changes. Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the scheduled event to avoid forfeiture of the deposit.

•GENERAL FEE -A $50 fee will be assessed and charged when applicable for late cancellations, damages, or failure to clean the room after the event.

•CLEANING -The room must be returned to its original configuration and left clean, this includes taking any trash to the dumpster. If furniture, walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. are damaged or missing, a fine for the cost or repair will be assessed. This applies to ALL groups renting or using the Grand Salon.

•CATERING -The Renter is fully responsible for all arrangements and any contract entered into with any caterer of the event. It is your responsibility to ensure the removal of the catering equipment prior to the end of your reserved time.

•SERVICES -The Honors College provides no other services aside from use of the Grand Salon and classrooms. The Honors College has a limited amount of tables and chairs available. If you need more tables and chairs they can be rented through Facility Services or another vendor. You are allowed to use our chairs and tables as long they are put back as you found them.

•DECORATIONS - Banners, signs, pictures cannot be taped to walls, doors, or windows or hung from the ceiling or light fixtures.

•GENERAL -The Grand Salon cannot be used to sell items for profit. In addition to all federal, state and local laws, all LSU rules and regulations must be adhered to during the use of the Grand Salon and classrooms.

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