LSU Dining Meal Plan Exemption

Louisiana State University requires that all first and second-year students, and transfer students who have not completed 60 credit hours at another university (post high school); who are enrolled for 12 or more credit hours; and who live on campus, abide by the LSU Dining Meal Plan. The requirement excludes summer and intersession semesters and is applicable until the attainment of University required semesters (see for details) or the receipt of an exemption from the Tiger Card Office located at 144 LSU Student Union. Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

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Exemptions may be granted to students who meet one of the following criteria: (Please use the drop box below to select the appropriate exemption reason.)

  1.  A request for an accommodation based on a significant medical condition/disability which prohibits student from utilizing the LSU Dining Meal Plan. Student must submit documentation directly to LSU Disability Services. In the Disability Documentation section of the following link are forms which can be used to help submit appropriate documentation (Part I of the documentation form which is to be completed by the medical professional) and make the request for accommodations (Part II of the form which is to be completed by the student:
    • Please Note: do not submit any medical or disability documentation on this online form. We will work with LSU Disability Services on your request for meal plan exemption.


  1.  Student can demonstrate other acceptable extenuating circumstances. (Attach detailed statement on separate sheet.) Student must provide complete documentation to verify the situation.


Upon receipt of this form and documentation, the exemption application will be reviewed. An approval or denial will be forwarded to the student's email address.

Presentation of falsified information will be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct resulting in appropriate disciplinary action.

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I have read the LSU Dining Meal Plan policy regarding student dining and understand that a violation of the policy could affect my ability to register for future classes and could have financial implications.*