Music Event Request Form

This form is for use for requesting staff services and equipment for official LSU School of Music events and recording sessions. All official School of Music events must be submitted through this form in accordance with the deadlines laid out by administrators in order to receive staff support and services.

The Music Event Request Form is intended for use by LSU employees only. If you are a member of the general public looking for musicians to support an external event, please DO NOT submit this form. Instead, visit our "Hire A Musician" webpage for more information on the appropriate process.

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CMDA Live Streaming and Recording Policies and Procedures

The College of Music & Dramatic Arts has the ability to video record and live stream events.  As a new medium, there are some complicating factors, such as streaming and broadcast rights, technical, and staffing limitations.  The CMDA administration, in conjunction with faculty and staff, have developed policies and procedures that are meant to maximize our potential to stream and record events within the bounds of not depleting all of our equipment and staff resources.


  • 1 x single-camera streaming (1 x Canon XA40) - permanently assigned to the recital hall
  • 1 x multi-camera streaming kit (1 x Canon XF400, 2 x Canon XA40, ATEM Extreme Pro ISO switcher)
  • 4 x smartphone-based camera kits (1 x phone-mount rig, 1 x tripod, 1 x Shure MV88+ condenser stereo microphone kit, 2 x compact LED lights with charger)
    • User will conveniently use their own smartphone to record and/or stream using this kit.  The equipment in this kit will enhance the capabilities compared to using a smart phone alone.


  • The School of Music production area has developed a team of graduate assistants and student workers for video recording, live-streaming, and video editing.  These teams are managed by Zach Hazelwood.
  • Only trained production staff or streaming team members will be permitted to operate the professional streaming equipment (Canon cameras, ATEM switcher, virtual reality camera gear).
  • The SOM recording staff will manage single-camera video recording and live streaming in the recital hall.
  • Events in the Union Theater will be streamed by the Union Theater staff using their streaming equipment, available for a fee.  Under some special circumstances to be determined with the SOM production staff, the SOM be able to supplement the Union Theater's equipment offerings with our own equipment.

Streaming Workflows and Timeframes:

  • Plan several weeks in advance with the production staff.
  • Complete the events request form and include information about streaming needs there.  
  • Recordings for pre-recorded broadcast events must be completed and submitted for video editing at least two full business weeks prior to the broadcast date.  
  • For pre-recorded videos, best practices include recording in full, single takes so that seams between different takes happen in natural breaks (i.e., between movements or between entire works).  The video editing team will not be able to edit clips together from different takes.

Streaming Platform and Recordings:

  • Official college events will be streamed or broadcasted on Facebook Live using CMDA accounts.
  • Event links will be generated by the CMDA Marketing Office.
  • Faculty and students should link to the CMDA’s social media events rather than create their own, independent social media events.
  • All events will be audio-recorded for archival purposes as normal.

Performing Rights and Licensing:

  • Live-streaming has fewer associated rights than does pre-recorded events that are later broadcast.  Any applicable streaming rights must be secured prior to the event taking place.
  • Any applicable performing, recording, or video-sync rights must be secured prior to any pre-recorded broadcast.  
  • The performer, ensemble director, or overseeing faculty member must ensure that they have obtained all necessary rights in advance of the performance.  
  • Any works that do not have secured performing rights may be subject to being omitted from the livestream or broadcast.
  • The production staff will be available to provide guidance on rights and the business office staff may be available to assist with the purchasing of rights.


  • For live events, basic automatic captioning of audio is available via YouTube and Facebook, our two primary streaming services.
  • For broadcast events, all on-screen text and speaking portions must be closed captioned prior to being made public.
  • The CMDA Marketing Office may request assistance from the performer, ensemble director, or overseeing faculty member to verify closed-captioning accuracy.

Request for Services:

  • Streaming services should be coordinated with the production and marketing staff.
  • Student recitals will receive their normal audio recordings, but will not be live-streamed or video recorded.
  • For all other college events, please indicate your needs for streaming or recording on the required event request form.
  • Please contact Zach Hazelwood with any questions about streaming services.
I have read the above policies regarding live-streaming, recording, and events and agree to adhere to all of the policies and procedures.

Event and Reservation Information

Are you requesting a live performance or recording session for later broadcast?*
Which of the following best describes the event type?*
Please list the date of the performance?*
If there are multiple performance dates, please list the first performance date here. Additional dates can be added below.
Please list the start time of the performance.*
If there are multiple reservations, please list the performance date or first recording session here.
Include the reservation type, building name, room number, date, and time range.
Does this event location include the LSU Student Union Theater?*
Note: If "yes", this form will be forwarded to the Union Theater staff upon submission.
Have all of the reservations for the performance been booked and confirmed?*
Do you plan to have an in-person audience at this event?*

Production Logistics

Will this event or recording session require piano or harpsichord services?*
Will this event or recording session require staff support for audio recording and sound reinforcement services?*
Will this event require any special lighting or projection services?*
Will this event require the acoustic shell? (Union Theater events only)*
Will this be a ticketed event?*

Live-streaming and Video-Recording

Will this event or recording session be live-streamed or video-recorded?*
Who will be operating the live-streaming and/or video equipment? (Check all that apply)*
NOTE: Use of professional video equipment requires CMDA production staff or video streaming members.

Equipment Moves

Will this event or recording session require an instrument/equipment move by LSU Facility Services or a contractor (paid service)?*
Have arrangements been made and confirmed by facility services for the instrument/equipment move?*
Name of point of contact for the instrument/equipment moves.*

Marketing and Program Information

Has this event been scheduled and confirmed with the marketing office?*
Will this event or recording session require a music program?*
Note that only digital programs are being offered at this time.

Budget and Finance Information

Will this event or recording session require a registration and/or payment by attendees/participants (excluding normal box office ticket sales)?*
Will this event or recording session require a budget?*
Do you have an approved budget source for expenses?*
What is the budget source type?*

Additional Information

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