Music Payee Request Form

This form is for requesting financial support services from the School of Music Business Office to pay for contractual services.

For the purposes of this form, the term "payee" is used to describe the person, company, or entity who you, the "requestor," is requesting LSU compensate.

Basic Information

This field assumes you have a domestic (United States) phone number
Requestor Departmental Affiliation*
Payee Affiliation with LSU*
What is the affiliation of the person you are requesting we pay?
Is the payee a United States (U.S.) citizen?*
Does this payee have a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) or IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)?*
Is the payee located or based internationally (i.e. outside the United States)?*
This field assumes a United States phone number.
This field assumes an international (non-U.S.) number.
Payee Address (Domestic)*
Payee Address (International)*

Note: Payee Address must be the actual address of the payee. If this field is blank, filled with vague / placeholder information, or uses an address which is not actually associated with the payee, processing of your request will be negatively affected.

Is the payee represented by an Agent/Agency?*
Student Classification*
Student Level of Studies*
How will the student worker hours be calculated?*
Note: Teaching Assistants on a 20-hour assistantship cannot work more than 5 additional hours per week.
Type of Engagement*
Has travel funding been approved as part of this request?*

Services Information

Start Date of Services *
End Date of Services *

Please note that a student worker who is NOT already employed by the university cannot start working sooner than two weeks prior to the request submission date.

Supporting Documentation
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If you have any supporting documentation for the visit(s), please upload it here. Accepted file types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, CSV, TXT
Do you anticipate that total expenses related to this residency, including travel, lodging and fees, will exceed $2,000?*

Note: If the total expenses will exceed $2,000 for this payee request, a PUR-SS form will be required. Please download the form at the link below, fill it out, and re-upload it here with your payee request. Every field on the PUR-SS form must be filled out. Do not leave anything blank and do not indicate "not applicable" for any field.

Blank PUR-SS Form

PUR-SS Form Upload*
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Account Information

When providing account information, please be sure to use the appropriate alpha-numeric nomenclature. Improperly entering account information may delay the processing of your request.

Examples of account numbers can be the following:

  • PG001234
  • BG005678
  • GR-00009876 (if a grant)
How should payment be issued to your Payee?*
First Payment Date*
Second Payment Date*
Third Payment Date
Payee Request Acknowledgement*
GDPR Compliance Statement*