Transfer and Continuing Student Application

Application for post-secondary students

Attention:  If you are not currently an LSU student, you must also apply for admission to Louisiana State University.  There is no additional fee for applying to the Honors College. Transfer students are considered at the end of every semester.

In order to complete this application:

  1. Complete all of the fields in this form.  We recommend that you write your essay in a word processor, then paste it into the essay field.
  2. Click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.  You will see a confirmation page after submission.

* Please note: High School students applying for admission as incoming freshmen should not use this application.  This is an application for students currently enrolled full-time in a college curriculum.

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College(s) Attended

Do you plan to participate in the Upper Division Program?*
The Upper Division Program supports completion of an Honors Thesis Project
Compose a 400 - 600 word personal statement about your college experience and your goals and aspirations, describing how participation in the Honors College will support your endeavor.
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